FINALForensics – Forensic Tool

FINALForensics is a PC forensic tool with features including strong data recovery capabilities, quick and accurate search capabilities, recovery and analysis capabilities for databases such as Oracle, as well as capabilities for the recovery and analysis of email data.

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FINALDATA Professional Special Police Edition – Forensic Tool

FINALDATA Professional Special Police Edition is data recovery software that has been specially developed for use by law enforcement agencies.
It is equipped with professional features such as the recovery of fragmented files, FAT editor, and a URL viewer for criminal investigation into past web browsing history.

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Catalyst CR – eDiscovery Tool

Catalyst CR is an electronic data discovery support system that can search millions of emails and documents on a grid computer. It is an eDiscovery platform that can respond quickly to international litigation, misconduct investigations, and compliance violation investigations.

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Nuix Forensic Desktop – Forensic Tool

Nuix Forensic Desktop is an investigation tool that visually displays evidentiary data about an exchange of emails and analyzes the kind of emails exchanged, for example who was involved. Its comprehensive search capability can find any relevant email.

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EnCase Forensic – Forensic Tool

EnCase Forensic is an investigation tool that is widely used around the world. It can retrieve data from various devices, and report its findings.

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Demi Duplicator – Hard Disk Preservation Tool

When carrying out an investigation of a hard disk in search of evidence, Demi Duplicator is a preservation tool that can copy the target hard disk media at high speed in a form that is guaranteed to be identical to the original hard disk.

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