Our history

AOS Technologies was established in Japan in 1995 and has grown with the IT Revolution. Our flagship data recovery product, FINALDATA, has been the No.1 market share product in the Japanese system maintenance software market for the past 12 years since 2000.

In 2001, at the request of Japanese police organizations, we started to provide Japanese police with specially designed data recovery software designed for their needs in addition to other police agency data recovery services. For more than 10 years since then, we have been cooperating with them in their criminal investigations to facilitate their gathering of evidence.
In the same year, 2001, we established our branch office in the United States to begin supporting the Japanese and Asian companies which have to deal with litigation and scandals in the global market.

Since 2009, we have been providing mobile phone data recovery services for police agencies. We attracted much media attention through our cooperation with police to solve many well-known cases such as the Grand Sumo Tournament match fixing scandal.

In 2010, we delivered our FINALForensic software to the Japanese Public Prosecutor’s Office and an eDiscovery Tool to the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

In 2011, we made concrete achievements in the eDiscovery project of an intellectual property lawsuit of a major Japanese company.

We affiliated with Catalyst, one of the leading eDiscovery tools companies in the US market, and began to provide our eDiscovery service in earnest in 2012.

Also, we opened our branch office in Geneva to deal with lawsuits in European markets and established our global support structure to cover Japan, Korea, China, the US and Europe.

In October 2012, we established LegalTech, Inc. as a spun off company of the Legal Tech Division of AOS in order to further expand the eDiscovery services on offer and with an eye toward a listing on the Japanese stock exchange market.