Corporate Overview

IT has evolved in response to the human desire to deliver more information to more people. In the knowledge and information oriented era in which creative knowledge and information determine international competitiveness, the enormous volume of digital data generated is a life line that can sometimes determine the very existence of a company.
AOS Technologies has offered our software and services to recover lost data mainly in the Japanese market for the past 12 years.
LegalTech provides state of the art technologies, products, and consulting services using the following advanced technologies:

Data Recovery Service

Anyone can lose his or her data at any time.
As a leading data recovery software and service provider in Japan, LegalTech has provided our clients with rapid and cost effective solutions.
We provide recovery services for the physical failure of hard disks, RAID failure, Oracle database failure, as well as for the loss of data on mobile phones and smartphones through the use of our considerable expertise and technical skills.

Forensic Service

Our forensic service is an investigation service to recover digital data relating to cases, crimes or legal disputes facilitating the production of legally admissible evidence.
Our e-Law forensic service contributes to risk management in government offices as well as other enterprises in various industries in matters such as civil and criminal litigation, incident investigation, the elucidation of suspicious behavior, the discovery of fraud in corporate activities, the protection of information assets, and general business improvement.

Actual forensic investigation is conducted by our experienced staff at our forensic laboratory which has an enhanced security system. On numerous occasions our forensic lab has produced the research results requested by law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors, law firms, and corporate legal divisions.

eDiscovery Service

Huge quantities of complicated data must be quickly processed to comply with the legal disclosure requirements of court trials.
LegalTech can investigate digitally stored data in the most effective manner for legal disclosures and provides eDisclosure service through our experienced staff and innovative technologies.
According to the Electronic Discovery Law enacted in 2006, the disclosure of electronic data evidence is an obligation for lawsuits in the United States. LegalTech has affiliated with Catalyst, which has more than 10 years of achievements in the field of disclosure of electronic data evidence, in order to provide cutting-edge eDiscovery service to Japanese and Asian companies which are involved in lawsuits in the US and/or Europe.

Legal Technology Related Products

We provide various legal technology related products such as FINALForensics, our flagship computer forensic tool, various other forensic software, evidence preservation hardware, recovery software for mobile phones, eDiscovery tools, and tools to prevent information leakage as necessary to meet the needs of our clients.