Service flow of Data Recovery Service

LegalTech provides its data recovery service in the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Consultation

Consultation on the data recovery possibility and cost

Step 2: Preliminary Investigation

AOS keeps the target recovery media. Data recovery expert then investigates the possibility of data recovery and makes a report.

– Logical Failure or Physical Failure?
– Analysis of failure level
– Estimate of data recovery cost

Step 3: Report of the preliminary investigation and quotation

Report includes the information of recoverable files and folders and recovery cost

Step 4: Data recovery

Actual data recovery process in accordance with the customer’s media. (Recovery of logical failure, physical failure, database, pictures of digital camera, RAID, servers, etc.)

Step 5: Completion of data recovery and return

Return the original media and recovered data in a different form of media such as CD-R, DVD, and/or external HDD.