Logical Failure Recovery Service

“Logical Failure” is the situation in which data on for example a PC, server, or digital camera is suddenly lost or can not be accessed due to various causes such as an operational mistake.

Common phenomena and cases of Logical Failure

– PC does not boot
– File or folder was deleted and trash was also emptied.
– Accidental disk format
– FDISK by mistake
– Drive can not be recognized. Drive is recognized properly.
– Copied/moved files are not saved
– Boot process is abnormal with an error message
– Accidental wrong partitioning
– Unformatted disk message
– File system damage and failure
– Malfunction by virus infection
– Malfunction through abnormal software

Data loss can be classified into two kinds

Logical Failure:

Data loss trouble due to file deletion (accidental deletion), format, OS trouble, virus infection, etc. Disk drive itself is physically working.

Physical Failure:

Data loss trouble due to the physical or electronic damage of disk drive. Data recovery requires special equipment.

Errors and messages indicating Logical Failure

– PC does not boot with the message “Operating System not found”.
– PC shows “Blue Screen”
– Can not boot even in “SAFE” mode
– “Check Disk” automatically runs
* This may increase the possibility of data loss further, stop “Check Disk” by pressing “ESC”immediately.