Service flow of Data Recovery Service

LegalTech provides Express Data Recovery Service for customers who urgently require express recovery.

With the Express Service, preliminary investigation and actual data recovery are conducted using a special system. Preliminary investigation and actual data recovery can be finished and delivered within a few hours in the shortest case.
* work time may vary depending on the status of failure and data volume

“Project data is lost and the project deadline is approaching. We would like to know the possibility of recovery as soon as possible.” Express Service is for the customer who wants to recover the data as soon as possible.
If you would like Express Service, please tell our customer support. A data recovery specialist will be assigned in advance to handle your request.

Prices of Express Service

Customers may place an order for the Express Service data recovery operation after they review the preliminary investigation result. (No data recovery cost will be incurred until the customer places an order.)

“Express Investigation”: Investigation fee will be charged.

“Express Data Recovery”: 20% more than usual data recovery fee.