Physical Failure Recovery Service

“Physical Failure” is the situation in which the hard drive is damaged and data cannot be accessed. Data recovery requires special equipment.

Common phenomena and cases of Physical Failure

– Disk cannot be accessed from PC OS. (HDD is not recognized anymore)
– Hard drive makes a clicking or creaking noise
– Scorching smell when boot up
– FDISK by mistake
– Disk trouble after underwater submergence, fall, or fire
– In addition to the above cases, sudden trouble with an inaccessible disk could be due to Physical Failure
* In many cases, Physical Failure can be distinguished only after preliminary investigation.

Data loss can be classified into two kinds

Logical Failure:

Data loss trouble due to file deletion (accidental deletion), format, OS trouble, virus infection, etc. Disk drive itself is physically working.

Physical Failure:

Data loss trouble due to the physical or electronic damage of disk drive. Data recovery requires special equipment.

Physical Failure media is treated in a dedicated clean room.

Data recovery from a disk drive with Physical Failure is conducted in a dedicated clean room. The hard disk is disassembled for investigation and even very fine dust thinner than a single strand of hair could be an obstacle to data recovery. AOS Legal Technologies always conducts this work in a dedicated clean room that can eliminate microscopic dust invisible to the naked eye.