Hard Disk Recovery Service

LegalTech has successfully recovered lost data that was seemingly impossible to recover from the hard disks of many different types of customers such as individuals, corporations, government offices, and research organizations.

LegalTech rescues and recovers data that has disappeared or cannot be opened from the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) regardless of causes such as PC or hard disk failure, operational errors, or natural disasters.

LegalTech has recovered data from HDDs with the top rate of success in the industry.

We can deal with data recovery from almost all drives whether due to logical failures such as accidental erasure or formatting, or due to physical failures of HDDs such as physical breakdown, dropping, or underwater submergence.

Affiliated with hard disk manufacturers and computer manufacturers, LegalTech provides the most up to date recovery technology in the world as well as services for virtually all interfaces, manufacturers and brands.

Causes of data loss on hard disks

There are two main types of data loss.

  • “Logical Failure”: stored data on the drive cannot be accessed due to accidental formatting, deletion or partitioning by mistake
  • “Physical Failure”: stored data on the drive cannot be accessed due to a physical, mechanical breakdown of the hard disk

LegalTech rescues and recovers lost data from hard disk drives regardless of whether it is due to logical or physical failure.

Advantages of the data recovery service of LegalTech

The service to rescue data from a hard disk is not a simple task like for example parts replacement for a failed hard disk. The data recovery service of LegalTech has the following advantages:

  • A thorough security system – the data in your HDD is handled in an environment with many layers of security measures.
  • A proven track record – as a pioneer in HDD data recovery in Japan, LegalTech has recovered data for research institutions, government agencies, and companies as well as individual customers.
  • Perfected procedures and tools – based on a wealth of experience and knowledge, LegalTech recovers the data in an appropriate manner depending on the customer’s individual needs.
  • Alliances with PC manufacturers and HDD manufacturers – these partnerships with leading manufacturers allow LegalTech to provide recovery services based on deep knowledge of the hardware.