Smartphone and Cell Phone Data Recovery

Important information of individuals and companies is stored on iPhone and Android smartphones every day.
LegalTech provides data recovery service for the data in smartphones and cell phones. This service recovers seemingly inaccessible data due to the failure of handset. Mail data and digital photo data deleted by an accident can be recovered with this service.

Smartphone and Cell Phone Data Recovery Service

LegalTech provides recovery service for the data in a broken smartphone and/or cell phone. This service recovers many kinds of data in smartphones and cellphones such as deleted mail, digital photos, data deleted by accidental initialization, etc. as follows:

– Deleted data
– Accidentally deleted data
– Data in the handset on which OS (iOS, Android,etc) does not boot
– Data in an initialized handset
– Data in the intentionally broken handset

Examples of recoverable data:

– Data recovery that requires the replacement of the parts of a handset
 Phonebook, Mail history, Pictures, Images, Videos, Music Data etc.

– Data recovery of deleted data
 Call history, Phonebook, Text messages, Mail history, Pictures, Images,
 Web access history, Videos, Location information, Wi-Fi connection history, etc.