Server Recovery and Network Storage Recovery

RAID data recovery requires advanced technologies and knowledge. Partnering with disk drive manufacturers, LegalTech boasts a high level of technological expertise and a recovery success rate that AOS customers can trust.
LegalTech is a pioneer in the data recovery service field in Japan and we have extensive experience in RAID data recovery.

LegalTech has successfully recovered valuable data from the failed RAID of many corporate, government, and research institution customers. AOS is able to recover various types of storage devices, regardless of manufacturer or model such as BUFFALO, I/O DATA, or Logitec.

Partnering with many PC manufacturers and hard disk manufacturers such as NEC and BUFFALO, LegalTech is able to provide its recovery service relying on the latest technical information from those partners. We have accordingly received very high levels of trust and appreciation from our customers.

RAID Data Recovery Service

RAID with critical data is entrusted to LegalTech according to a very thorough and completely safe protocol.
– Operation takes place in a dedicated clean room

First, the presence of physical failure in the failed hard disk drive (HDD) is diagnosed.
If there is physical failure, the HDD is moved to our dedicated clean room to complete the necessary steps to read the HDD.
– Prevent damage to the original disk by cloning

Using special equipment a clone (copy) of each disk is created.
Then all of the recovery work is conducted on the clone and the original disk is kept in its initial state to eliminate the risk of data degradation while working.
– AOS can analyze and configure the RAID with its advanced knowledge and technology. AOS is able to parse the file system of the RAID and can configure the drives to act as a RAID. This task requires very advanced knowledge and skills.

Please note:
In case of RAID or NAS trouble, please contact us immediately without touching the drive. The less it is touched, the better. There are a number of cases in which in-house recovery attempts significantly reduced the rate of recovery. The original data might have been recovered, or the recovery rate might have been much higher if there had been no in-house attempt. AOS recommends that customers with RAID or NAS trouble consult an expert as soon as possible.