Server Recovery and Network Storage Recovery

Loss of server data is enormously damaging for companies and organizations. Long downtime to rescue the data on servers can result in losses ranging from several million yen to more than tens of millions of yen in direct damages alone.
LegalTech recovers critical data quickly after the failure of various servers and network-compatible hard disk drives (Network Attached Storage, NAS).
Whether due to various accidental troubles, virus infections, natural disasters, or human errors such as the accidental deletion of data, LegalTech quickly recovers a wide variety of data and minimizes the damage to your business.

Server Recovery Service

Server recovery service quickly recovers important data as necessary due to various kinds of server and/or network storage (NAS) troubles.
As a pioneer in the data recovery service field in Japan, LegalTech has extensive experience in server/NAS data recovery. We have established and trustworthy technology and a track record of successfully recovering valuable data for many corporate, government, and research institution customers.
Through strong relationships with many PC manufacturers and hard disk manufacturers such as NEC and BUFFALO, LegalTech is able to provide its recovery service making use of the latest technical information from those partners.

UNIX (Linux/Solaris and others) Recovery Service

LegalTech recovers the data of Unix system such as Solaris, Linux, and BSD with industry-leading technology.
We support a wide range of storage configurations such as the RAID NAS server storage of BUFFALO, IO-DATA, Logitec, etc.

■ Supported OS

Solaris( 2.5.1 / 2.6 / 7 / 8 / 9 and others)
Linux(RedHat Linux, Turbo Linux, Vine Linux, and others)
Others such as BSD, HP-UX

■ Supported file system

ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, UFS and others

Server Recovery Solutions

Servers and NAS with critical data are entrusted to LegalTech according to a very thorough and completely safe protocol.

– Operation conducted in a dedicated clean room
– Damage to the original disk prevented by cloning