Advantages of LegalTech

LegalTech has a track record of achieving the No.1 results in the data recovery industry in Japan.

LegalTech is proud of our data recovery rate which places us in the top level in the industry. Utilizing the expertise gained from having developed the No.1 market share data recovery software in Japan, we have achieved the highest rate of success in the recovery and restoration of hard disk drive data in Japan (calculated based on our own data as well as the published data of other companies).

In addition to its own powerful technical capabilities and experience, LegalTech has officially partnered with PC manufacturers and hard disk manufacturers.

Having officially partnered with hard disk manufacturers and leading PC manufacturers such as Toshiba, SONY, and NEC, we have been providing our services such as data recovery service for many years.
Thus in addition to our own outstanding technical skills and experience, LegalTech is able to provide even more powerful data analysis and recovery services through our partnership alliances.

We have abundant experience in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

LegalTech offers state of the art technology for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We have performed data recovery, forensic investigation, and analysis of smartphones at the the request of many companies, research organizations, and police organizations.
Smartphone and tablet device usage has become common in the business world. LegalTech supports the eDiscovery process of our clients through our strength in the investigation and analysis of mobile devices.

We offer global support for the international litigation that Japanese and Asian companies are involved with.

LegalTech provides support for corporate eDiscovery with professional Japanese staff or Japanese-capable staff in Japan, the United States, South Korea, China, and Switzerland.
We can perform the preservation, collection, recovery, processing, and analysis of digital evidence data in overseas subsidiary companies and branches.

We are proficient in the data analysis of Japanese and other Asian languages.​​

Our experts are proficient in Asian character code issues not only in Japanese but also in Chinese and Korean, and are able to provide quick and reliable investigation services.