Japanese technical expertise

Many foreign eDiscovery service providers are not accustomed to Japanase document handling. LegalTech engineers proficient in the multi-byte language provide quick and reliable services.

LegalTech investigates data with our original forensic tool that is compliant with the Japanese system.

Since the improper processing of Japanese language data may cause unexpected disadvantages, the proper handling of Japanese documents must be taken care of diligently. For example, there have been cases in which technical information that is irrelevant to the case and should not have been disclosed was allowed by accident to flow out to other parties because of insufficient Japanese keyword categorization.

Proper elimination of unnecessary data hugely affects the total eDiscovery cost. Only relevant information should be reviewed by lawyers to minimize time and cost. If relevant data is not extracted properly, the data for attorney review becomes larger and the total eDiscovery process will be more expensive and time consuming.