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‘Case study of eLaw solutions from actual cases’

  • Part.1 Are you taking all the necessary measures to ensure preventive legal operations and solutions for measures to deal with litigation?
  • Part.2 Digital data require appropriate evidence preservation.
  • Part.3 Correspondence assuming incidents will reduce lawsuit costs.
  • Part.4 Future legal expense and present operating expense.
  • Part.5 Maximize the effect through the management and use of specific targets.
  • Part.6 Digital discovery of evidence that is strong protection against a lawsuit.
  • Part.7 Clear and present digital criminal?
  • Part.8 Functions and operability of the full-fledged forensic tools.
  • Part.9 Realize the growing interest in digital evidence disclosure.
  • Part.10 Development of information disclosure tools with a view to the coming era.
  • Part.11 “Specific know-how for digital data evidence investigation” Interview Article “Law and IT”


‘Computer Forensic Perfect Dictionary Advanced Case Study From Digital Lawsuit’

Overwhelming support by the US government and global companies!! Practical techniques to really win the cutting edge business front!!

Author: Michael G. Solomon,K Rudolph,Ed Tittel et al.
Translator: AOS Legal IT Promotion Asoociation Supervisor: Hideyuki Yanagimoto

Guidebook to become a computer forensic expert written by an expert IT team that deals with the forensic investigation of large companies and national organizations. This publication covers a wide range of information such as court cases, the basics of computer forensics, how to use tools, techniques for actual field operations, and the knowledge required to become an advanced engineer. Intended to provide the readers with useful information for both forensic investigation and corporate incident investigation. Review tests are included for self-assessment of the degree of understanding.

‘Digital data will not disappear’

eDiscovery from the first step!

Author: Takamasa Sasaki, AOS Technologies Inc.

The time has come when PC and cell phone histories that should have been erased have become legal evidence. Every manager must manage corporate risks with the assumption that “Data will not disappear” and “Information will surely leak”. This publication deals with data recovery, data erasure, data falsification, the tracking of leaked information, computer forensics, etc. It explains how to prepare for the digital lawsuit society. Lessons are drawn from the USA, the most advanced country in dealing with digital lawsuits. Review tests are included for self-assessment of the degree of understanding.

‘Crunch Point : Risk Management Training that leads to successful crisis management’

A seemingly desperate situation is actually an opportunity for overwhelming success!

Welcome to “Crunch Point”. For any business enterprise and the people involved, a crisis impacts on the company’s survival as well as on employees’ relationships with others for reasons ranging from money to family to health. These can hit you very violently. However, truly strong humans exert their skills precisely when they fall into a difficult situation. Faced with a Crunch Point, people are capable of summoning power that they may not have realized but have always had.
This publication includes a thorough explanation of the 21 actions that can save you from difficulty when faced with a crisis.