Digital Forensic Service

LegalTech collects and analyzes the data of various trail, trace, and deleted data inside of servers, PCs, and smart phones.

LegalTech investigates, recovers, and collects evidentiary data from hard disks, server hard disks, USB memory, smartphones, and tablet PCs.

There might be information necessary as evidence in already deleted data. LegalTech provides forensic investigation services even for such deleted data, regardless of causes such as equipment failure or deliberate concealment.

When a security incident arises, LegalTech assists our client companies in their fact finding through our digital forensic services.

We assist with the risk management process of client organizations in areas such as international litigation, domestic litigation, case investigation, elucidation of alleged misconduct, investigation of internal fraud in business activities, and the protection of information assets, among other matters.

Regardless of the amount of equipment involved in our client’s situation, LegalTech provides forensic investigation services for all of the targeted equipment. We collect, recover, analyze, and search the target data and then submit our forensic investigation report.

Our achievements in forensic investigation facilitating actual investigation cases include the following:

► Investigation of information leakage

Investigation of the unauthorized access to confidential information, the download history of confidential information, and research into evidence of the removal of information by external media such as USB memory.

► Internal fraud investigation

Investigation of the unauthorized copying of files and falsification of file access history.

► Work survey

Investigation of internet site browsing history, chat history, and the restoration of deleted email files.

► Investigation of personal use of the internet and browsing of illegal web sites

Investigation of internet browsing history, access to illegal sites, and download history.

► Accounting fraud investigation

We provide investigation services for fraudulent activities such as accounting fraud, the rewriting of accounting history, embellishment of balance sheet reporting, and embezzlement.