Computer Forensic Investigation

LegalTech provides forensic investigation services for PC hard disks, server hard disks, as well as removable memory media like USB drives.

Our forensic investigation service covers the vast majority of data including internet web browsing history, email data, and digital pictures. We provide detailed investigation and analysis facilitating the collection of the digital evidence necessary for fact finding.

Our analysis covers registry information, system log, application log, as well as the deleted data of these. We collect and preserve any data that can be obtained. We are able to recover deleted data even when its deletion has been hidden intentionally.
Our service provides precise and quick fact finding because our forensic engineers have extensive experience in forensics and the use of specialized tools.

Procedure for computer forensic investigation

1. Evidence Preservation: Collected data is preserved as legally admissible data using specialized equipment
2. Recovery and Analysis: Recover the evidentiary data and analyze it
3. Reports: After several analyses such as keyword analysis, legally admissible reports are created

Web browsing history from a few months or even a few years ago can be obtained through our recovery and analysis of web browsing history.

Web browsing history and what kinds of websites were viewed include much more valuable information than is usually imagined.
By recovering the web browsing history file and by analyzing the file stored in the system, LegalTech is able to retroactively investigate past web browsing history from a few months or even a few years ago.

Investigation and recovery of email data and digital camera pictures

AOS investigates the email body data and the attachment files. We recover deleted email data and analyze it.
Our investigation includes with whom the communication was made, when it was made, what kind of communication it was, as well as the nature of the data attached.

Investigation and recovery of digital camera pictures

We are able to provide for use as legally admissible evidence the data of pictures and videos taken with a digital camera by collecting this data using proper methods of forensic investigation. AOS is also able to recover deleted or edited pictures and make an appropriate report.