Forensic Investigation of Smartphones and Cell Phones

LegalTech provides forensic investigation services for smartphones and cell phones.

LegalTech provides forensic investigation services for cell phones and smartphones such as iPhone and Android. LegalTech has successfully collected even seemingly impossible to recover evidentiary data from various types of cell phones and smartphones at the request of various companies, research laboratories, and investigation organizations.

We are able to recover and report on data from a broken handset as well as data that were deleted intentionally to hide evidence using our cutting edge technology and established forensic investigation procedures.

Our service provides quick evidentiary data collection from smartphones and tablet PCs because our forensic engineers have extensive experience in collection work with specialized tools for mobile handsets.

Procedure for forensic investigation of smartphones and cell phones

1. Evidence Preservation: Collected data is preserved as legally admissible data using specialized equipment
2. Recovery and Analysis: Recover the evidentiary data and analyze it
3. Reports: After several analyses such as keyword analysis, legally admissible reports are created

Investigation of call history of mobile handsets

We recover the call history and investigate it. Even in the case where the call history has been deleted, we are able to recover call history information such as with whom the call was made, when it was made, and how many minutes long the call was.

Investigation and recovery of phonebooks on mobile handsets

We provide forensic investigation service for phonebook data (contact information) in cell phones and smartphones. Even when the contact information has been deleted, we are able to recover the contact information and analyze it.

Investigation and recovery of picture data in mobile handsets

Even when the target data has been deleted, we are able to recover and investigate the picture data created using cell phones and smartphones.