Catalyst CR

eDiscovery Tool

Catalyst CR is an electronic data discovery support system that can search millions of emails and documents on a grid computer. It is an eDiscovery platform that can respond quickly to international litigation, misconduct investigations, and compliance violation investigations.
Catalyst CR works on a parallel server grid of more than 150 units that can process several million documents in less than one second. In addition, more than 70 languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are supported. A translation assistance function allows for a search for the same sentence in multiple languages.

Catalyst CR


Catalyst CR can search by date, keyword, or synonym in tens of millions of documents within a second.


Editable on the web browser while using a custom label.


Catalyst CR can analyze a large volume of text file documents and detect duplicated documents to narrow down the required data.


Catalyst CR can categorize documents according to mandatory items or conditional items, classify documents, assign reviewers, and manage the progress of the review.


Catalyst CR can edit in a web-based system, create a document file with a label, as well as print or output in a state that can be submitted as an electronic medium.


Information such as personal information and confidential documents may be added with Catalyst CR providing a file-sharing environment.